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Andre Villas-Boas was sacked as Chelsea manager Sunday after a 1-0 away loss to West Brom

Well, the inevitable happened again. Chelsea fired a manager. Big deal.

Andre Villas-Boas has looked ready for the chop since Christmas. The youngest manager in the Premier League, in his third season as a manager, sitting in the hottest seat in world football? Working for the most trigger-happy owner in top-class sport with a record of three wins in 12 games? Fighting a losing battle in seemingly trying coerce a group of veteran superstars into his new-age training and tactical methods? It could never last.

And yet, after casting aside numerous more successful managers without a second blink, that trigger-happy owner didn’t want to fire this one.

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FA selection has been exposed once again

One of the finest managers of his generation, even Fabio Capello was not up to the challenge of leading England to glory (PA)

Now that Fabio Capello has done the only honourable thing and stuck by his beliefs in resigning from the England managerial post, our national pride and glory is left whistling in the wind as, once more, the nation reluctantly and unconfidently puts its hopes and dreams in the hands of the Football Association to find a suitable man to lead England to Euro 2012 glory. Nothing less will be enough – it never is in this bizarre, parallel universe the media deports us all to every time the cream of the nation’s talent takes the pitch in the service of the Three Lions.

I have very little faith in the FA’s ability to get this decision right. The last four managers they have selected have all had their failings. Kevin Keegan was, when all is said and done, an emotional choice rather than a logical one. Sven-Goran Eriksson, while mostly successful on the pitch, was hounded out by his inability to keep out of the tabloids (Ulrika Jonsson, fake sheikhs, repeated courting of club interest). Steve McClaren… well, let’s not. At least he stayed dry.

And then there’s Fabio.

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Fabio Capello had all the credentials to be the man to "sort out" England, but the national side remains in disarray.

Uncle Fabio. Mr. Bo Selecta himself. The expensive answer to England’s diamante-adorned dreams. He brought with him a wealth of experience, the obligatory slightly broken English, the reputation that the FA always seems to pride over suitability for the role, and an iron fist with which he was going to bring England’s preening, pampered, overpaid children into line. On the face of it, Capello’s reign has been somewhat of a disaster. He failed, unequivocally and unarguably, at the World Cup in South Africa. He didn’t address the egotism that pervades the England dressing room like the hideously expensive perfume their trophy wives and girlfriends splash all over themselves. He didn’t get rid of the big names that have let England down on so many occasions in the past. So what did Fabio Capello actually bring to England? Continue reading